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TouchPOS Food and Beverage System


TouchPOS Food and Beverages System is an advanced, modular integrated Windows based Point of Sale (POS) and BackOffice system designed to achieve efficient and comprehensive tools and functions necessary for the automation of an entire restaurants, fast food chains, bistros or bars or any food business industry operations.

Option A: Restaurant system with waitering and cashiering option.
Table Type Ordering

Option A in a restaurant system uses the waitering and cashiering option of Touch POS.  In this option two counters or terminals are being used, a waiter to take order from a customer uses one terminal and a cashier to accept payment from the customer uses the other one. A file sharing system is made possible by TouchPOS particularly in this option.  The orders taken in at the waiter counter is being shared in the cashier terminal.  Orders are then automatically printed in the kitchen printer where the issued print out is an itemized order of a customer, so there is no need for a microphone paging system.  An official receipt is issued at the cashier counter upon payment.

Option B: Restaurant system with cashiering option only.
Quick/Non-Table Type Ordering

Option B in a restaurant system uses only the cashiering option of TouchPOS.  This option is used for quick orders in a restaurant system. Here, only one terminal is needed for taking and for paying orders.  The orders are still automatically printed in the kitchen for quick reference of the kitchen personnel.  An itemized receipt is issued after each registration.