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Supra Plus has been specifically developed the ultimate architecture of Windows-based Point of Sale (POS) system to satisfy various retail requirements.  We also provide systems for Fast foods, Bars and Restaurants.

       SUPRA PLUS is an operating precision-engineered DELPHI Language programs designed exclusively to perform cash register operations on a computer. This compact and brilliantly constructed software product performs virtually every cashier operation known to Human with lightning speed and impeccable performance.

       SUPRA PLUS offers an exhaustive set of cash register features combined with the universal hardware connectivity, software accessibility, and computational speed that only DELPHI Language programming can deliver.

POS Reports

      Supra Plus has a complete suite of reports that provides you with all the information required to run your business effectively and profitably. It has a report generator, which enables you to produce any reports specific to your accounts or properties.

      Supra Plus provides a summary of all day’s activity at the main server station, or for a particular clerk, or for the whole store.  It sums up sales, returns, and tax, paid in/out, credit cards sales; and sums up the in/out for special transactions, such as Gift Certificates, Charge Invoice and Debit Card.  It lists all checks accepted for the day with ID information.  It sums up all line item discounts by the reasons they were given.  This report reconciles the drawer easily and swiftly, and its exact breakdowns can help isolate procedural errors for connection.