APL Buildng, Singson Subdivision,
Tipolo Ville, Guadalupe, Cebu City
Tel. No. (032) 253-0554 or (032) 253-7681
Email: sales@posworldphilippines.com

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POS WORLD PHILIPPINES INC. is one of the oldest companies to serve the retail industry. POS WORLD PHILIPPINES INC. was known asFEMA BUSINESS MACHINES which started in 1960s and became FEMA ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SYSTEMS in 1985.

FEMA ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SYSTEMS has been appointed as the authorized dealer for Visayas and Mindanao regions on OMRON Electronic Cash Registers, DIGI Teraoka industrial and retail scales.

FEMA ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SYSTEMS was able to cater to the demand of services needed on the first malls in the Philippines. Using the OMRON Cash Registers, malls were able to monitor more efficiently, the sales of each tenant that they had.

As technology rapidly changes, FEMA ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SYSTEMS gradually evolved together with the progress of technology from Electronic Era to the Information Era. Hence, became POS WORLD PHILIPPINES INC. in 2001.

Our Software Development Team has been with us ever since we expanded our market to accommodate the current trend of PC-based Point of Sales System in 1995. That puts us ahead of other POS Service Companies. Our software has evolved since initially being presented to the market. Adapting to current trends, progressing with the times, and continuously shifting its capabilities to further enhance service. Well-known organizations like restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets and other retail entities that are currently utilizing our programs are leveraged by the superior software that we provide them with – one that is reliable, able and mature enough to meet the demands of the growing public.

Our Team of System Support is well trained, updated in the latest developments and is ready to solve / assist clients’ with any software and hardware related problems.

POS WORLD PHILIPPINES INC. offers warranty to its products being sold and also offers regular maintenance to ensure unhampered business operations.